Why is the dishwasher water backing up into my sink?

A clogged sink is one of the most age-old plumber issues of all time. That is not surprising because the drain in your kitchen faces many challenges every time you use it. And even the latest modern decisions of this problem, like the dishwasher, can’t eliminate the trouble. Its users often report about the situation when their dishwasher and sink backing up. The solutions to all those malfunctions can be either easy or complex. This article will figure out what the culprits are and how to get rid of them.

Double sink water backs up

The double washbasin is an excellent decision for both commercial and home kitchens. Unfortunately, its users often face its backups. This type of sink can be clogged from one or both sides. In the majority of cases, this unpleasant breakdown can be caused by broken or clogged garbage disposal. This device crushes coarse debris to a size small enough to avoid clogging. And when it fails, hope remains only with us.

Clogged kitchen drain

It is another reason why the problem occurs. In the majority of cases, it is an easy-to-solve one. Also, the culprit for breakdown can hide far in the past when all the drain systems were installed incorrectly. While installing, errors can cause the accumulation of debris in pipes or backed up kitchen sink and dishwasher. In this matter, most likely, you will need a complete or partial replacement of the sewage system.

Clogged kitchen sink and dishwasher issues

So, we figured out a couple of easy-to eliminate culprits of the kitchen sink backup. And now we will consider some other different cases. Sometimes, a simple dishwasher causes the sink to back up. This is a fairly common problem that we don’t want to get involved with. How to struggle and win? Several devices and parts can cause the breakage or blockage: the air gap, dishwasher, sink, and already familiar garbage disposal.

On occasion, with the air gap, a significant part, which keeps wastewater from entering the Dishwasher, it is essential to eliminate the possibility of debris in this device. If rubbish is lying low there, then congratulations! You’ve found the culprit! But if there is nothing there, then we continue to search more carefully.

The next suspect is the dishwasher directly. There can be some issues with its drain or drain hose.

The dishwasher is a complex mechanism, which failure leads to undesirable consequences. In addition to the dishwasher and sink backing up, people often face water at the dishwasher’s bottom. Do not be afraid of it because it is easy to get rid of it on your own in most cases. It’s worth noting that water on the bottom isn’t always a bad sign. According to research by specialists, a clean puddle with a depth of one centimetre is the norm for this device.

The next part that can cause problems is the garbage disposal. The problem may have appeared due to the contamination of this device.

The fourth offender is the kitchen sink. Dealing with it and all other malfunctions mentioned above will not be difficult for you. Just follow the guidelines below.

The Guidance: how to unclog your sink

Our very first helper is a simple plunger. If the reason for backing up is innocent, it will help us with a significant probability. If it is not, products of the chemical and household industries come to our aid. For instance, baking soda and vinegar. Their mixture actively copes with impurities as fast as possible. All you need is to pour baking soda into the drain hole and add a great deal of vinegar after a couple of minutes. Then, leave it for about 40 minutes. You can also use this solution to clean up the garbage disposal. That’s it! You can also try salt and boiling water. This is not as effective as the previous one, but it can help.

What about garbage disposal?

It is such an easy task to clean it up! First of all, do not forget to disconnect the unit from the power. This step is the most important, so we recommend that you make sure you follow it strictly. Then, all you have to do is clean the gasket with any cleaning material. If these methods have not helped you, there is an advanced one that will be useful for you.

Can a snaking kitchen sink actually help?

The word “snake” is not always about long beasts who are completely unwanted guests in our dwellings. It is about great technology, which helps us get rid of unwanted water in our kitchen sinks and dishwashers.

A Plumber’s snake is a long, thin wire. It is quite an easy-to-use tool. All you need to do is insert it into the pipe and push until you feel resistance, an object that interferes with the normal outflow of water. Push it harder till you won’t feel that “nasty creature” ultimately left your drain. You can also use the tools at hand, such as regular aluminum wire or other flexible material. But in principle, this is not necessary since such a snake is available in any plumbing store.

Our well-being depends on the well-being in our home. Therefore, sewage problems can easily ruin our schedule and mood. It is not that tough to struggle with the issues mentioned above on your own. But If you face some troubles, it is better to seek help from well-equipped and educated local specialists. Our local repairmen from Superior Plumbing & Heating are always ready to help you as fast as possible. We are at your services around the clock!