Drain keeps backing Up? Here’s how to fix it

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Drain backup is a common problem faced by many homeowners. We have asked our professional plumbers to answer the most frequent questions about the issue and how to resolve it.

Clogged drains – common reasons and how to fight them

Drains get clogged for several reasons. Among the most common ones are:

  • FOG;
  • Coffee grains;
  • Food residue;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Human waste;
  • Foreign objects;
  • Pipe damage;
  • Rodents;
  • Tree roots.

FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease. These elements tend to get stuck in the pipe, preventing water drainage and causing the foul smell. Coffee grains become soggy and sticky under the influence of water, thus turning into a substance that can easily block the drain. Despite the known belief, garbage disposal units do not fully prevent food particles from entering the drain system. The accumulation of these products obstructs the water flow.

Talking about the toilet drains, excessive use of toilet paper can also be the reason for clogging along with biological waste and the age of the faucet. Rodents can create a jam in your drain as well as damage it significantly. Furthermore, tree roots can grow through the sewer pipes, causing obstructions and holes.

If you notice any of these factors, do not hesitate to call Superior Plumbing. Our qualified experts will thoroughly inspect your piping system and use the appropriate methods to resolve the clog.

The most efficient methods of cleaning drain pipes

When it comes to effective drain cleaning, baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water would be of little use. Despite the pieces of advice that you might see on the Internet, these methods are not able to deal with solid and extensive clogging. If your drain keeps getting jammed, it is highly recommended to use snaking or hydro-jetting. A plumbing snake is utilized when the obstruction is light and easy to either push to the drain’s wider part or to pull out. Its bendable structure will allow the plumber to reach the clog promptly, as it will repeat all of your pipes’ curves. However, when the blockage is more serious, hydro-jetting is performed. A hydro-jet runs a high-pressure stream of water right at the clog, which allows it to clean the drain in no time. This equipment leaves your drain spotless, thus preventing further blockages. Besides being the fastest method of pipe cleaning, hydro-jetting is also ecologically friendly, as there are no chemicals involved in the process.

Superior Plumbing expert plumbers perform both snaking and hydro-jetting, depending on the intensity of the clog. To make sure that the piping system will not be damaged during the process, we conduct a preliminary inspection of the drain. Call Superior Plumbing right now to find out more information about these services.

Frequent sewer line clogs culprits

As described above, sewage clogs occur for many reasons, some of which are out of the homeowner’s control. First of all, if your pipes are old, surely they will be more prone to damage and clogging. Holes in the piping system, rust, leaky joints, and saggy lines may all create obstructions. Yet another reason is the soil shifting or increased traffic in the area, which may cause the older sewer lines to break and create a blockage. It is important to remember that each piping material has its durability. Clay and iron pipes last shorter, while the PVC ones can function for up to 100 years.

Roots are also able to bring about a lot of plumbing issues since they might penetrate the pipes. This mishap will cut off most of the water flow, as well as damage the sewage significantly.

All of these problems require professional help, and Superior Plumbing is more than happy to provide it! The local licensed plumbers will use the most updated equipment to clean the sewer line clogs timely and efficiently. Contact us now!

Sewer backup into the basement

If your sewer line starts backing up into your basement, that could mean three things. First, your sewer line may be severely clogged. Because the wastewater has nowhere to go, it will return to the lowest part of your house, which is your basement. Second, the piping system might be either cracked, broken, collapsed, or damaged by anything, including the tree roots. Finally, it may not be a problem directly with your sewer system. When there are heavy rains, floods, or storms, the city sewer is likely to get overflown, causing your piping system to back up.

Whatever the cause of the issue, you should never try to resolve it on your own. Entrusting this task to a professional is the best way to ensure the safety of your house. Contact Superior Plumbing, and we will deal with any sewage backup in a blink of an eye!

How to know that you need sump pump replacements

A sump pump is one of the most crucial safety fixtures for a householder. It drains excessive water from the basement in case of any floods. Nevertheless, it is of no use if it is not functioning properly. Giving your sump pump regular annual check-ups is necessary to ensure its proper functioning.

Whenever you see that your sump pump needs to be replaced, do not disregard the issue. Superior Plumbing offers our customers immediate sump pump replacement service. We will inspect your plumbing fixture attentively and help you with the choice of a new one. In our extensive catalogue, anyone would find the right fixture for themselves. Call Superior Plumbing today to receive prompt and quality sump pump replacement service in your area!