Toilet and shower are backed up – common reasons and how to fix them

Probably, the majority of us have encountered appliance problems at least once. And in this top trouble, plumbing issues are in the lead. Our plumbing equipment undergoes a tremendous workload. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain its satisfactory condition and promptly get rid of all the obstacles.

Which circumstances can cause toilet backing up?

The very fundamental reason for a clogged toilet bowl is different garbage and sweepings. Therefore, to avoid severe consequences in advance, try to follow the basic rules for using the toilet. Namely: Do not throw water-insoluble objects, such as wet wipes and toilet paper tubes, into the toilet bowl.

The most crucial step to a quality sewer system is its proper installation and selection of suitable materials. Modern sewerage components, in principle, are initially of relatively high quality, especially when compared with cast iron pipes, which were widespread in the twentieth century and accumulated a lot of debris. Therefore, the principal attention should be paid specifically to the installation. It is better to entrust it to professionals since any wrong calculation can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Toilet backing up into the sink

An ordinary toilet blockage is undoubtedly unpleasant, but it is more disgusting to face the clogged toilet backing up into the shower. This problem displays the simple laws of physics — namely, the principle of communicating vessels. It states that in communicating vessels, the levels of fluids are equal. This principle only comes into force in the sewage system if a blockage occurs near the toilet or shower. It interferes with the normal water flow and makes toilet water backing up.

Such troubles are usually caused by accumulating hair, wool, kitchen waste and various fats in the sewers. Many Canadians also face the problem of hard water in their houses and apartments. This problem badly affects the human skin and the internal state of pipes and drains. Therefore, hard water can sometimes cause blockages. In this case, the only correct solution after cleaning the sewer is to install a water softener. Medical associations in many countries advise using these devices to improve your well-being and the well-being of your family. So, this equipment is worth considering not only because of its ability to avoid blockages but also to improve health.

Clog in the main sewer line

Blockages in the sewer system can occur not only due to debris. The reason can also be the improper operation of the system, which can lead to various damage to the sewer. Cracked or completely broken pipes can result.

Nature is the most beautiful thing we have, but its laws can sometimes do a lot of harm to us. And the sewer line is not that exception. Tree roots can easily “perform their best.” They can damage the sewer, which will lead to already known outcomes. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, we advise you to seek help from specialists. A professional sewerage project considers all the nuances of the terrain and layout of a house or apartment and thus eliminates most possible problems during further operation.

Tree roots are not the only gift that nature has prepared for the sewage line. Persistent heavy rains or floods can damage your sewer system. Therefore, if you live in an area with high rainfall, we advise you to check and flush your drains frequently.

If you suspect such a critical cause of a sewer blockage, of course, there is no point in talking about repairing pipes yourself. For the slightest hint of damage to a sewer line, contact your local plumber immediately. Our company is always happy to help you.

What is the best chemical to unclog a sewer line?

Disputes about the dangers and benefits of chemicals for cleaning have been going on for a pretty long period. Someone says they perfectly cope with the task at hand, while someone denies this and claims their use is harmful to pipes. Let’s figure it out!

Let’s start with the benefits of this drain cleaning method. First, chemicals can efficiently deal with most types of blockages. These substances are especially effective against hair and grease accumulated inside the pipe. Secondly, it is an affordable way that absolutely anyone can use.

There are also quite a few disadvantages. Chemicals are weak in fighting blockages caused by hard water. To eliminate this type of blockage, you need a more advanced method. Long-term use of these products can damage your water pipes and create new problems.

If you do decide to avoid using chemicals, then look for less harmful baking soda. This alkali in a duet with vinegar or salt shows a pretty good result, almost free unclogger. But still, in case of such severe blockages, which lead to backup in toilet, it is better to resort to more advanced and professional methods.

Does a drain snake work?

Many experienced plumbers praise this method. Among the advanced ones, it is the most effective. The principle of its operation is relatively straightforward. A long wire, which resembles a snake, is thrust into the drain, and with it, all the accumulated sewage is pushed directly into the central sewer.

But only professionals should perform this work since the improper operation can damage the pipe and other elements of the sewerage line. Entrust these chores to our licensed plumbers with a great bunch of experience under their belts. We are ready to lend you our helping hand around the clock.